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 Trainer Store.

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Trainer Store. Empty
PostSubject: Trainer Store.   Trainer Store. EmptyMon Dec 31, 2012 6:27 am

To buy Trainer Items you need to make your own thread and put the title, (Your name) Trainer Items thread. And each time you want to buy a Item you post in your own thread.

Potion Trainer Store. Potion - 300$
Super Potion Trainer Store. Superpotion - 600$
Hyper Potion Trainer Store. Hyper-potion - 1,200$
Max Potion Trainer Store. Max-potion - 1,600$
Full Restore Trainer Store. Fullrestore - 2,000$

Status Healers:

Antidote Trainer Store. Antidote - 100$
Paralyze Heal Trainer Store. Paralyz - 200$
Awakening Trainer Store. Awakening - 200$
Burn Heal Trainer Store. Burnheal - 200$
Ice Heal Trainer Store. Iceheal - 200$
Full Heal Trainer Store. Fullheal - 500$

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Trainer Store.
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