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 Rules and stuff.

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Rules and stuff. Empty
PostSubject: Rules and stuff.   Rules and stuff. EmptySun Dec 30, 2012 11:22 am

Read or DIE

1: 1 account per IP address, period.

2: Don't take on more characters than you can handle. (2 per region is the limit)

3: Don't Godmod/MetaGame/Be A Sore Loser. Essentially, if you don't want it done to you, don't do it. (this means all forms of things that could possibly be cheating.)

4: If there's something we say that you don't understand, ask about it.

5: No flaming, trolling, or any other form of harassment.

6: Don't freak out if your whole team faints, just calmly make your way to the nearest pokemon center.

7: Try to take care of things at the lowest level possible. If that doesn't work, slowly work your way up until it does.

8: We are people too. don't expect us to always be available to do stuff for you.

9: Evolution happens the same as in the games. At level 16, and 32 for most. 11 and 32 for certain bug types.

10: Baby pokemon and eggs cannot be forced to battle until level 5 or higher.

11: Don't try to BS your way to lvl 100. it's a dick move, and we'll know if you do.

12: If you wouldn't show it to your mom, don't show it to us, or link it.

13: You are not Ash/May/Any other canon character. Make your own, and please be original.

14: Led Zeppelin is god. Worship them.

15: You get 1 warning. read my lips. 1.

16: All your cookies are belong to us.

17: No clones please.

18: If you're going to include someone else's character in your history, please ask them first, and talk with them about it so that there's no complications. Also put a Link to that characters application to help us Staff.

19: Our word is law. jk, jk. but seriously, listen to what mods/admins tell you.

20: No txt talk or 1337 speak. It is not our job to decipher what you say. That being said, please type in the universal language: English.
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Rules and stuff.
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