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 Trainer Information and Rules.

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Trainer Information and Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Trainer Information and Rules.   Trainer Information and Rules. EmptySun Dec 30, 2012 11:44 am

Okay in this topic you are going to find out rules for each trainer. For everyone making their first character they only get a choice between "Starting Trainer" or an "Coordinator". Remember these are only the starting caps, You can gain more pokemon etc.. during your adventure.

Starting Trainers / Coordinators
Information:This is the very first level of trainers (Basically the weakest) that everyone must start out as. The only way you can start out at an higher level is by getting permission from an Admin. Only an Admin not a Mod.
Starting Pokemon:One
Starting Level:5 - 13

Experienced Trainers
Information:These are the experienced Trainers that are not yet up to Pokemon Masters but are very strong.
Starting Pokemon:Three
Starting Level: 5 - 50

Pokemon Masters
Information: These are the best Trainers of them all. They have mastered the Elite Four and all the gyms.
Starting Pokemon:Six
Starting Level: 5-80

Gym Leaders / Elite Four
Information: These are the Gym leaders of a town. To get to the Elite four you must beat them.
Starting pokemon: 3
Starting Level: (Depends what gym you are going for. Please use the exact same level pokemon as the Canon Gym Leaders. They don't have to be the same pokemon just same level.)

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Trainer Information and Rules.
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